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Democrats vs. Republicans: Who are the baldest party in power?

A lack of hair is no hinderance to those who seek power. In fact many of history’s biggest figures have been shy of a few strands. Here we take a look … Continue reading

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8 Articles That Amused Us This Week: Aug. 12-18

8. Why Jerks Get Ahead Source: Forbes.com 7. 18 Most Incredible Google Search Easter Eggs Source: SearchEnginePeople.com 6. 35 Untapped Fashion Trends From Forgotten Decades Source: BuzzFeed.com 5. The Evolution … Continue reading

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How Corn Syrup Made American Fat (Infographic)

How Corn Syrup Made America Fat: xFirstAidKits.com

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Is This Ice Sculpture Chewbacca?

The artist says no – it’s Old Man Winter, but really, since when was OMW covered head to toe in long shaggy body hair? I expected him to look more … Continue reading

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10 posts that amused us this week: July 15-21

1. First Female U.S. Astronaut Comes Out in Obituary 2. Bear Wanders into a Sears Store in Pittsburg 3. Why are Jamaicans so amazing at running? [Infographic] 4. 6 Incredible … Continue reading

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11 Strangest Zombie-Inspired Objects

Mmmmm….brains! Actually, as disgusting as these confectionery creations look, they’re just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the weird objects inspired by zombie horror films. Zombie fans can … Continue reading

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15 Funniest Student Responses to Exam Questions

Remember how great it was to be a kid and know everything? Now you can re-live those moments of clarity and wonder how it all went wrong with 15 shining … Continue reading

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