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7 Work Efficiency Tips That Your Boss Probably Won’t Let You Do

“Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?!” If you’ve got a boss, you’ve probably heard them rant on, at some time or another, about ‘improving efficiency’ or ‘increasing productivity’. Often the … Continue reading

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Who Do Pop Stars Follow On Twitter?

New research uncovers who pop stars are actually following on Twitter, how they interact with their followers, and the surprising connections between them (who the hell is @extremecatnip?) Infographic by: … Continue reading

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How VW will conquer the world by 2018 (Infographic)

Just in case you were wondering which car company is planning to take over the world, I have a hint for you (they’re German). How VW will conquer the World … Continue reading

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How having a wedding may actually SAVE you money!

The cost of the average wedding in the UK can be crippling, and an entire recession-proof industry has developed around bilking would-be brides and grooms out of their quid. This … Continue reading

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6 Articles That Amused Us: Week of Aug. 19-25

6. 12 Awesome Sci-Fi Minecraft Creations Source: http://www.miningandmetallurgy.com 5. 7 Celebrities Caught Doing Good Deeds Source: http://www.herpesz.com 4. Lobsters are whores! Source: TodayIFoundOut.com 3. Six Amazing Search and Rescue Dogs … Continue reading

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Government Docs Revealed: Contingency Plans for the Zombie Apocalypse

How will you survive the zombie apocalypse? The government has a plan, so check out Survival-goods.com’s infographic which analyzes their strategy for taking on an onslaught of the undead. Source: … Continue reading

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Can a man handle pregnancy?

Can a man handle the rigors of pregnancy? The crying, cravings, discomfort and lunacy? The folks over at KnockedApp.com have delved into medical science to put this dispute between the … Continue reading

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